Domain Registration

Your name says it all . . .

Your name says it all!   A well chosen name can potentially
help you draw more people to your site and ultimately help you
earn more business.   If you want a web site it needs a domain name!

Here are some tips to remember when selecting your domain name:
1.  Pick an easy to remember domain name.

2.  The name should reflect what your business or site is about.

3.  Don’t forget that you can use plural forms of a domain name if
your chosen name is already taken.  (I.E. –

4.  Register the .com, .net, and .org of your names to ensure another
similar business does not have a competing business with a

5.  You can use hyphens in a name and it can be up to 67 characters
in length.

6.  Your name should not infringe on someone else’s registered trade